register a company name

There are many things you may be seeking to know if you’re new in the business world. Today, you probably need to know how you can register a company name.

Register a Company Name – Finding a Unique Name

First, you need to know that the name in your mind isn’t taken. There is a formal and informal process of checking the uniqueness of a proposed company name. The informal process involves going to Google and typing in the company name that you want. You’ll see if there is any other company bearing that name. 

If you see another company having the same name but not in your area, you still may be able to register that name locally. But, we don’t recommend this. You should choose a name that is 100% unique not only locally but also worldwide. You’ll know that you’re on the right track if your name doesn’t exist on Google. 

Ensure you use three to four-word company names instead of one to two-word company names. Mostly, one to two names are taken. One easy way of doing this is to combine two words with two extra words describing the type of company you’re planning to start. Once you choose a company name that doesn’t appear through Google search, you’ll then do a formal name search through your province or local state. 

register a company name

Formal Search

You’ll need to pay some fee for the name you’ve chosen for your company. This process often requires providing them with three different names for them to search in preference order. They will do a formal search to find out if the three names are available to be registered. 

Are you looking to pass property or money to your loved ones? Setting up a bare trust is important. You should speak to a professional to help you go through the process with ease. The process can be complicated without proper legal advice. 


You may need to register a company name if you’re getting started in the world of business. Doing so isn’t something that you can rush into. You need to ensure that the name you choose isn’t taken. Once you have completed your search and ascertained that your name is unique, go to your local government for formal search and registration. Working with a professional can make things easier for you.