best chew toys for anxious dogs

A dog is generally a playful and curious creature. It will react to every stimulus and chewing is one of its natural behaviors. When your dog becomes anxious, it will probably chew everything it finds on its way, including shoes, sofas, furniture, etc. The best chew toys for anxious dogs are the most suitable way of keeping your dog engaged and protecting your valuable items. 

But, when you’re buying a chew toy for your furry friend, you need to be careful. Not all of these toys are good for dogs. In this post, we are going to tell you how to choose the right chew toys for your dog. 

The Best Chew Toys for Anxious Dogs

Size and Strength

These are the first considerations you need to make. Your dog’s chew toys should be in a perfect size. They shouldn’t be too small or big for the dog’s mouth. Keep in mind that the dog will be trying to swallow them if they are too tiny, which can cause issues. Additionally, the right chew toys shouldn’t be easy to break. 

It shouldn’t be easy to shed splinters after a few bites or chewing. For a dog that is teething, you can buy hard artificial bones. These are safe and will last longer. 

best chew toys for anxious dogs

Moving Parts

You might be tempted to think that toys with moving parts are safe for your dog but they are unsafe. Avoid such toys as they can cause issues for your dog. Good examples of such toys are squeaking toys. If you have to purchase these toys, choose ones with squeaker being part of the toys’ mold. The squeakers are usually made of metal pieces put inside the toys. These can be dangerous to your dog if they fall apart.   

Toys with Treats

A good example of the best chew toys for dogs with anxiety are those that contain threats such as kibble. These toys are great at keeping your dog occupied for long as your pet must use all its intelligence to access the treats. Such toys are perfect as they can keep the dog busy to get the treatment instead of just chewing. 


Dogs enjoy a lot of running around and generally playing. So, remember to find time for your pet and play with it. The best chew toys for anxious dogs should be used only to keep the dog from damaging your valuable items in the house.